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    A simple solution for WiFi network in public places, and much more!

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    Forget about long passwords and annoying forms.

    Your users log in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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    HOW TO USE Social Spot?

    Hotels, Restaurants, Night Clubs

    Shopping Malls, Music Events, Public Transport ...

HOTELS, RESTAURANTS AND SHOPS are already using our service and performing better! JOIN OUR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!

Online in a Few Seconds with Facebook, Twitter or Google+

SocialSpot is free, safe and fast for users. You don’t need a new subscription with long form to fill out...

Personalize your Network

Change the name of your WiFi network, upload your logo and choose where to redirect your customer once they logged in – to news, events, special offers…

Join the Social Spot Network

Use our service and give your customers free WiFi in a simpler way and at a better price via Social Spot Network…


Give Information to Users

SocialSpot directs users to a mobile interactive guide that can be used to promote services, encourage tourist consumption, introduce guests to a destination, or notify about events...

Use Social Spot for Online Promotion

Social Spot is more than just a wireless internet - you can use it as a great tool for online marketing. Targeted email and mobile campaigns are simpler and faster, and through them you can promote special offers and events, but also to increase customer loyalty and business.

Increase the Number of Facebook Likes

Social Spot lets you target the best possible audience because these fans are already users of your services. Gather them and continue to communicate on Facebook.

Be Identifiable on Social Networks

Invite your customers to share their experiences, suggestions and criticisms on social networks.

Access through vouchers and social logins

Social Spot can create two different WiFi networks, private network for VIP customer, which can be accessed only with vouchers, and public network for other visitors, which can be accessed through social networks. You can control access for specific users and limit time.

Know your customers better

Through the control system, you will have more information about the people who visit your restaurant or hotel and will be able to communicate with them via e-mail. Invite them to return by sending targeted offers.



In tourism, the Internet plays a very important role. Over 80% of passenger gets information online. They want internet access during their stay in a hotel. SocialSpot is a WiFi platform that saves time and money for hotels and other tourist facilities.

Use case

Restaurant and Cafe

Internet in restaurants has become a “must have” of any serious restaurant. But do you know how many times your waiter’s been asked for a password? Or who even use your internet? Guests are complaining that Internet connection is too slow? Probably half a block uses your internet!

Use case

Shop and Shopping Mall

Visitors of shopping malls spend a lot of time looking for special offers, discounts and special prices for those items that interest them, but they are also ready to purchase items that were not the primary reason for visiting the mall.

Use case

Concert and Event

Organizing and promoting a concert or an event? With SocialSpot, your visitors can connect to their social networks and give all compliments for your event.

Use case


How many times have you travelled by public transport and it seemed like you were wasting your time or were bored? Mobile Social Spot can be used for urban and intercity bus traffic. It would be great to have WiFi access while travelling on a bus or a train, right? Your passengers will be delighted.

Use case

Tourist Board

Using the Internet to promote a tourist destination today is only part of a trend in tourism marketing. An unavoidable part of marketing is also a location marketing that displays content such as promoting destinations, events, information, and service information.

Use case


Social Spot
(suitable for restaurants, cafes
and smaller objects)

199 € flat
+ 25 € 12,99 € a month

  • Hotspot Number1
  • Social login
  • HotSpot CMS
  • WEB control
  • e-mail marketing
  • Ads
  • Your ads
  • Included in Price1 Social Spot device, account and network setup


Social Spot Enterprise
(suitable for hotels, camps and
larger objects)

1 099 € flat
+ 149 € 74,99 € a month

  • Hotspot Numberup to 10
  • Social login
  • HotSpot CMS
  • WEB control
  • e-mail marketing
  • Ads
  • Your ads
  • Included in Price5 Social Spot devices, account and network setup


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