Hotels on the Island of Mykonos Offer Free Wi-Fi

Many hotels on the island of Mykonos, one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece, decided to offer free Wi-Fi to its guests. They wanted to enable to their guests a prime need to stay connected during their holiday. They chose WiFi marketing platform to address this challenge.

With the help of a platform for hotspot, these hotels have attracted new visitors and improve sales, strengthened its presence on social media and collected relevant information about their guests. SocialSpot works the same way - hotel guests use free internet, and owners of hotel have an excellent marketing tool.

"This platform not only offers tourists a free and stable Wi-Fi service, but it also give analytical data about our guests that we can always use to contact them with latest offers from our hotel. The number of fans on our Facebook page has nearly tripled, and as a result, need for paid Facebook advertising is minimal. That's impressive!” , Markos Andronikos, Andronikos Hotel

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